Love Omaha

Feed The Hungry

Each Saturday of the year, yes every Saturday, rain, cold, snow and beautiful 80 degree sunny weather, at noon meals are served to the homeless and hungry at a downtown location. Not only are individuals given a hot meal, (for example, chicken, a vegetable, garlic bread and possibly a salad) they are provided peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, donuts, bottled water and snacks and fruit as available to have food for later in the day. We are currently averaging 175 meals per week. As we can, hot chocolate in the winter and sports drink in the summer served.

Helping Teachers

Volunteers provide a delicious selection of food for teachers and staff on parent-teacher conference days for as many as four local public schools. Gently used clothing, sized and boxed, have been distributed to more than a half dozen elementary schools twice a year. One school even received brand new coats this past winter for each student that was in need.

Serves Our Police Officers & Fire Fighters

On five major holidays, a feast of food is currently delivered to two police precincts and four fire halls at lunch time. Previous meals have included turkey and all the fixins, ham, lasagna, roast tenderloin, brats and Italian sausage and peppers. And that is just the start, home made desserts, vegetable and fruit trays, pies and cakes make for a plethora of delicious options.

Meeting The Needs For Children & Their Parents

Upon request from local hospital staff social workers, food is brought to their location. We are able to bless the families with microwavable meals, easy to prepare food, snacks, juice boxes and even clothes on an as needed basis. This allows the parents and any other family members to stay close to their child under care to give them emotional support and stay close at hand.

Would You Like To Help?

Each of these areas of ministry have their own special needs and requirements. Please see this season's list for downtown and hospital outreaches. Thank you so much!! Together we can make a difference! Contact info@libertyofomaha.com for drop off locations.

This Season's List

•Bottled water

•Aluminum foil



•Snack size sealable bags

•Sandwich size fold over bags

•Tomato sauce

•Peanut butter, creamy



•Green beans

•Ground beef or turkey

•Chili beans